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Techlink is a full, on-line Knowledge Management Platform incorporating an extensive technical library, daily bulletins, calculation tools & learning programs.



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Bulletins are produced each day giving a complete analysis of relevant developments in tax, trusts, pensions, regulation and other financial planning-related subjects. Bulletins include a commentary on how these developments will affect you, your clients, and the financial services sector, and how this information may help you within your business. We also have regular contributors from specialists in different parts of the financial services - sectors such as pensions, investment, regulations and platforms.


A constantly updated comprehensive library of personal and corporate tax, trusts, pensions and other financial planning information and insight covering the fundamentals through to advanced planning. Each subject area is broken down into manageable topics - each topic covering a separate area of the subject. Dynamic links within the topics will take you to other relevant areas within Techlink, as well as linking directly to any source material we think you may find useful.

Need to Know

With a continually expanding list of topics, Need to Know gives you executive summaries of subjects of high importance and potential complexity - most of which will be covered in greater depth within the main library. These are compact topics targeted at those areas with current strong consumer interest, giving you the reason why you need to know the information and what you need to know.

Video Blog

Our video blogs deliver concise, relevant, current and engaging updates on key developments and opportunities for financial planners.


ASK (a premium additional service to the basic Techlink package) offers subscribers the ability to ask specialist consultants case-related or more generalised questions through a secure area of the site. Questions and resultant answers are stored within a database. Questions asked by other users are also available to view on an anonymous basis making this section an infinitely expandable question and answer database.

Wrapper Selector Tool

Individuals and trustees of discretionary trusts can model which of a UK collective, offshore reporting fund, UK investment bond and offshore investment bond will deliver the optimum post tax outcome for an investor specified portfolio. A wide range of personal tax and portfolio inputs is permitted. The Wrapper Selector Tool can be used as valuable supporting corroboration of suitability for adviser recommendations.


Techlink is the consummate delivery platform for your technical CPD content. All of the time spent on Techlink is automatically logged for you in your integrated CPD log - saving your valuable time. Our monthly tests provide the simple means by which you can check that you and your team are keeping up to date. All the results are automatically filed for you in your CPD log.

Daily Alerts

Daily alerts gives you a daily email digest of the new information available on the Techlink site, from the topic areas you are interested in.


An additional premium service, the Communicator service provides you with bi-weekly financial news and information for you to send to your clients, along with quarterly newsletters.



Through this you can program highly focussed bi-weekly e-mail to your clients updating them on the developments and opportunities that are likely to be of interest and relevance to them. All of which can be managed and sent from the Techlink Communicator platform.


Quarterly newsletters, available in both PDF and editable Word formats, giving a concise and informative summary of the most recent news within tax, trusts, pensions, regulation and other financial planning-related subjects. A client version and a professional connection version is available to send to your clients.

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