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18 March 2024
Cryptoassets - new consultation
HMRC’s consultation on the UK implementation of the OECD Cryptoasset Reporting Framework and amendments to the Common Reporting Standard, seeking views on extension to domestic reporting

11 January 2024
Cryptoassets - tax return reminder
HMRC’s reminder to cryptoasset users to check if they need to do a self-assessment tax return

08 January 2024
Cryptoassets - holders urged to use disclosure scheme
HMRC’s disclosure route for those with unreported capital gains tax or income tax on cryptoassets

14 December 2023
Cryptoassets - examples of cryptocurrency fraud
Topical issues in cryptocurrency claims in England and Wales, highlighted by the Judge in charge of the London Circuit Commercial Court

13 November 2023
Cryptoassets - new international agreement on sharing taxpayer information
The international joint statement on the cryptoasset reporting framework

08 November 2023
Cryptoassets - new FCA guidance and a new consultation
The FCA’s new guidance, which is designed to give people a better understanding of what they are investing in, and the risks involved. And a consultation on a new Discussion Paper to help develop the FCA’s regime for fiat-backed stablecoins including when used as a means of payment

01 November 2023
Plans to regulate cryptoassets and protect consumers - consultation outcome
The outcome of consultation by the on the future financial services regulatory regime for cryptoassets and on managing the failure of systemic Digital Settlement Asset (including stablecoin) firms. Also, the Government’s Policy Paper concerning the regulation of fiat-backed stablecoins

26 October 2023
Common issues with crypto marketing
Three common issues identified by the FCA with cryptoasset financial promotions

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