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Children and Financial Planning

12 September 2023
The Child Benefit trap - using pension contributions to reduce the HICBC
How pension contributions can help to preserve Child Benefit

08 September 2023
Students and the impact of cost of living rises
The Office for National Statistics (ONS)ís research findings around the impact of the increases in the cost of living for students in England

12 July 2023
Junior ISA (JISA)
The nature of a JISA investment and planning opportunities

15 June 2023
Case study - JISA and ISA savings for 16 to 18 year olds
How much can be saved in Junior ISAs and ISAs for those aged between 16 and 18

09 June 2023
Dividend diversion scheme does not work
HMRC has warned that a school fees tax avoidance scheme does not work, warning promoters that they must disclose a scheme within five days of it being available

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