02 March 2021
Pensions Related News To 26 February 2021
A brief roundup of the pension related news not featured in our main bulletins

08 February 2021
Public Sector Pension Schemes Discrimination Rectification Consultation Outcome - The Mccloud Case
The Government has confirmed that it will implement the deferred choice underpin option and close all legacy schemes on 31 March 2022

08 February 2021
NHS Pension Scheme: Pension Flexibility - Response To Consultation
The Government will not go ahead with the original proposals to offer greater flexibility in the NHS pension scheme

08 February 2021
Pension Schemes Newsletter 127 - February 2021
HMRC have published the February edition of the Pension Schemes Newsletter

04 January 2021
NHS England 2019/20 Annual Allowance Charge Compensation Policy Form Now Available
NHS England have issued the application form and guidance notes to enable clinicians to reclaim their 2019/20 annual allowance charges

07 December 2020
Pension Schemes Newsletter 126 - December 2020
HMRC have published the December edition of the Pension Schemes Newsletter

20 October 2020
Public Sector Pension Schemes Changes: A Massive Annual Allowance Calculation Headache?
The consultation to resolve age discrimination in Public Sector schemes closed on 11 October. Whichever option is chosen it is likely to lead to complex advice decisions and annual allowance recalculations.

06 October 2020
Pensions Tax Relief - Safe For Now?
The Public Accounts Committee’s recommendation that HMRC should conduct a review into the impact of pensions tax relief has been ruled out by Government

05 October 2020
Claire Trott, Financial Planning Week Tip: Consider Any Available Unused Allowances
With the deadline for the Mandatory Pension Savings Statements being this week (6 October) now is a great time to start to consider the any available unused annual allowances.

23 September 2020
Relevant Life Policy Benefits
A summary of the benefits of Relevant Life Policies

22 September 2020
Taxation Of Relevant Life Policies
Taxation of Relevant Life Policies (RLPs) and RLP trusts in detail

02 September 2020
Pension Schemes Newsletter 123 - August 2020
HMRC have published the August edition of the Pension Schemes Newsletter