18 October 2021
Handy summary of UK trust taxation
A tabular summary of UK trust taxation in 2021/22

28 September 2021
Interest in possession trusts and bare trusts
Explanation of the above, key relevant planning and tax points

09 September 2021
TRS latest - further clarification of the new deadlines for registration
HMRC has issued clarification of the deadline for existing trusts and has indicated an expansion of the list of trusts excluded from registration

03 September 2021
TRS latest - new deadlines for registration announced
HMRC has issued updated guidance on the TRS including new deadlines for registration of non-taxable trusts

19 August 2021
TRS - information to be provided to HMRC about non-taxable trusts
What information about the trust and persons connected with the trust will have to be provided to HMRC when the extension of the TRS to non-taxable trusts goes live

13 August 2021
TRS pilot scheme - latest news
HMRC asks more trustees to join the pilot scheme for registration of non-taxable trusts

09 June 2021
TRS and life insurance policies - latest news
Following consultation with life insurance and trusts industry HMRC has clarified the TRS obligations in relation to certain life policies

28 May 2021
Statutory trusts and absolute trusts
Explanation of the above

27 May 2021
Trust Registration Service - latest news
On 17 May HMRC published its Trust Registration Service Manual (TRS Manual), providing detailed, technical information that builds on its existing TRS extension overview web page. It also published changes to the current TRS for existing trusts and announced a pilot scheme for registration of non-taxable trusts

26 May 2021
Discounted gift trusts and collective investments
Can discounted gift trusts (DGTs) be used with collective investments or are they designed exclusively for insurance bonds?